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Our Car Detailing Benefits

Elite Shine is open 6 days a week for your convenience. We connect you with qualified auto detailers near you. If you are seeking car detailing, window film and paint protect services, Elite Shine is your go to source. We believe in 100% customer satisfaction and saving you money and time for your detailing service. Get a detailer fast and schedule an appointment today!

We can assure a very high standard everytime and everywhere as only the very best products are used, which provide a long and excellent finish using only the finest and natural ingredients.


Our technician is also fully qualified to service and repair your vehicle, why not ask us to do this whilst your car is being detailed? We can be trusted with the jobs on your car you may not trust others for – Stereo upgrades, MOT’s, fitting performance parts, we’ve probably done it before!

Frequently Asked Questions

Whats the difference between ‘Detailing’ and ‘Valeting’?

We dont use harsh chemicals for a quick result, we use the right products to care for your car, leaving the customer with ‘a better than show room shine’.

How can you be sure your products/processes are safe?

Utilising the latest technology we measure the thickness of the paint at every stage of the polishing process to ensure we’re removing safe levels of paint (we’re talking 1000ths of a millimetre).

All our polishes utilise ‘Diminishing Abrasive Technology’.
As the polishes are worked into the paint the abrasives break down to a fine glaze.
Leaving the paint with a deep, wet look.

My regular valeter only takes an hour, why do you take so long?

We’re not lazy here at SCD, the processes we offer all take time so need to be used correctly and not rushed for a quick finish.

Why have i never heard of the products you use?
We use products specially imported from the US and Germany, from companies such as:
Meguiars, Diamond Brite and Nano Ceramic.

How to contact us?

To book your car in, talk about prices and what we do or just for some advice please fill in the form on the right.

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