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Product Name: Hybrid Coating
Product Number: AT-V2-50
Country of Origin: Germany
Storage Life: 12 Months
Uses: Painted surfaces
Packaging: 50 ml


  • Shake well before use.

  • Get ready with 3 pieces of brand new, lint-free microfiber towel. (It is recommended that new towels to be rinsed or washed with water prior to use to reduce the loosing lint)

  • When first applying V2 on substrate, it is recommended to condition the surface of the applicator block with 7-8 drops to prevent skipping or dry spots.

  • Do not work on large area at a time. It is recommended to do a 2 ft. x 2 ft. area at a time.

  • Apply V2 using normal pressure on applicator. Make sure the area is well covered. Always start from an edge to avoid excess on other panels. Work in controlled areas to remember where you previously applied. Work in horizontal or vertical movements to ensure that product is carried through consistently.

  • Use first towel to immediately level the product.

  • Go immediately over with second microfiber towel with polishing motion until the surface is free from residue.

  • Follow by the third towel (this is called the “insurance towel”) and go over the surface one extra time just to make sure you haven’t miss any streaks or excess residue just to make sure you haven’t miss any streaks or excess residue.

  • When the whole car is applied, allow curing of coating to begin. Wait approximately 30-60 minutes before applying a second layer. Curing times depend on temperature and humidity. Applying too early and the product will dissolve the previous layer.

  • Allow curing of coating to begin. Curing can be accelerated using IR Lamps. Follow lamp manufacturer’s recommended settings.

  • Keep coating away from all polish and compound dust during curing process.

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